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The Gillian Cross Official Website.

Gillian Cross

Whatever you're looking for, I hope you find something useful and interesting here. There's a news page and lots of other information and I've tried to answer the questions I get asked most often. If you want to know the basic information about me and my family, and what I did before I started writing, you could start with the biography. The book details section will tell you about all my books.

If you have questions to ask, you might find the answers in the FAQs

And if you want to know about the text symbols in Beware of the Demon Headmaster, there's a section for you too. Look up the symbols, but remember - don't look into the Headmaster's eyes!

I hope you like the site. Any comments on it, and suggestions for improvements, can be sent in from the contact part of the site. That's where you'll find an address for writing to me as well.