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The last twelve months have been very exciting. After Tomorrow has been on eighteen different shortlists and won six prizes:

  • The Little Rebels Children's Book Award for radical fiction
  • the Bolton Book Award
  • the Salford Children's Book Award
  • the Warwickshire Secondary Book Award
  • the Concorde Book Award and
  • one of the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards
  • Thank you all those people who voted for it!

    In June 2015, my new novel, Shadow Cat, comes out and in the autumn, Walker Books publish my retelling of The Iliad, with pictures by the amazing Neil Packer who illustrated my version of The Odyssey

    I've visited lots of schools this year and I'm now Patron of Reading of two lovely schools - Brownedge St Mary's School in Preston and Leighton Park School in Reading. If you're from one of them, HELLO!!!!!

    If you don't know what a Patron of Reading is,click here and find out!