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I'm honoured and delighted that 'Five Ways to make a Friend' is part of Empathy Lab's 2021 Read For Empathy collection. We all need to develop more empathy, especially in these difficult times, and Empathy Lab's list of books for primary and secondary age children is an excellent resource for parents and teachers alike. You can find the full list and all the details here: 2021 Book Collections & Guides | Empathy Lab

The current restrictions have delayed the filming of the second new Demon Headmaster series, which is disappointing. But, while you're waiting, the original Demon Headmaster programmes are all available now, on Britbox.

There are lots of things we can't do at the moment - but we can still write! To help you begin, I posted daily story starters on my Author Facebook Page during the first coronavirus lockdown. You can see them there, or you can find the whole collection of story starters here (plus one story ending). Happy writing!