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Text Messaging Symbols

Beware of the Demon Headmaster

Baffled by some of the text symbols in this story?

Well, here's the full list - including a few you won't find anywhere but here!


    : - ( unhappy
    I - O bored/yawning
    O-Z-< man running (whole body figure)
    + knight
    :-D happy
    *<):O) clown
    LOL laugh out loud
    : )) laughing
    '\=o-o=/' glasses
    ((@))-((@)) the Demon Headmaster
    (-.-) Zzzz . . . asleep
    : - \ puzzled
    :-S makes no sense
    : C v. unhappy/incredulous
    X-( cross
    <=-O frightened
    : [ unfriendly
    (O-< something fishy here
    ITD in the dark
    SITD still in the dark
    <:-O eek!
    :- I hypnotized!
    : - O saying 'Oh!'
    >[]I television/video screen
    8-> person in glasses grinning evilly
    :-. ssshhh talking very quietly
    ((((((((((O<<<<<<o cannon firing
    ((((((((((O<<<<<<*< cannon firing jester's hat
    : v shouting
    ROFL roll on the floor laughing

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